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New hand built SAOMAD single end tenoning machines from Italy. These machines are available from specialist manufacturer SAOMAD in Italy and can be offered with many different features. Quality built to spec machines only. This is a new generation, flexible, practical tenoning machine.

In order to save space all the machine controls are at the front and all suction hoods are on the upper part of the machine. The tenoning machine is encased on all sides to reduce noise; it has been designed to last, and has been manufactured to conform to strict EU Quality and Safety legislation.

The UTP 150 is the result of precise engineering research designed to deal with high precision work with a high level of versatility and ease of use. The ability to satisfy the most demanding requirements, while being adaptable for any work demands are fundamental characteristics of the product.


Flexibilty at the highest level

With the decision to purchase a T75 PreX, you are deciding on a reliable, premium class machine that ideally fits the versatile requirements of your daily work. Whether you cut square panel products, saw complex angular cuts in solid wood or process glued up stock, thanks to the T75 PreX’s strong flexibility you can achieve perfect results. With a tilting range of 92° and a blade height of 204 mm, you have new possibilities to revolutionize your work. Now you can decide how best to process your work-piece; not the machine.

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New to Australia. Absolutely top quality SALVADOR crosscut saws from Italy

Features include:

  • Cutting section max. mm. 220×125/ 260×100/285×80/310×50.

  • In case of packet cutting height max. mm 100

  • Structure completely in varnished hard steel, high thickness and really strong.

  • Solid anchoring to the floor with special flanged steel feet with fixing hole.

  • Two-handed safety manual control with ergonomic position

  • Blade motor power kW 5,5

  • Cutting speed adjustable by pneumatic trimmer on the machine.

  • System to balance the cutting group weight giving long life. Special amortizing system.

  • Independent pneumatic regulations to adapt to the different types of work.

  • Aluminium blade soft inserts of long duration and easy to change.

  • Circular blade in HM, diameter mm. 500. Z=108. Hole mm. 35.

  • Upper pneumatic hood to block the pieces with electro-pneumatic management.

  • Pressure beam movement system through the new “Skf” sliding bearings with double anti-dust protection and automatic lubrication.

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